Broward Dynamic (Congestion Based) Pricing

95 Express uses Dynamic (Congestion Based) pricing to manage congestion in the express lanes. Dynamic pricing means that the toll to use 95 Express goes up and down based on the number of vehicles that are in the express lanes at any given time. Tolls are usually higher during morning and afternoon peak hours and lower during non-peak hours and weekends. All tolls are collected electronically, using a properly mounted SunPass toll transponder.

Currently, toll-paying users of 95 Express pay one dynamic (Congestion Based) toll amount to drive in either direction between the Golden Glades Interchange and SR 836 in downtown Miami. That toll amount is posted on electronic pricing signs that drivers see before they enter the express lanes.

95 Express Phase 2 extends the current express lanes from Miami-Dade County north into southern Broward County and introduces new entrance and exit locations. New toll signs have been installed that display the toll amount to travel to the next available exit followed by a toll amount to travel one or more destinations.