Ramp Signaling

I've seen new traffic signals at the end of some I-95 on-ramps. What are they for?

Ramp signals improve traffic flow by controlling the rate at which vehicles enter the highway. The signals alternate from red to green lights to ensure vehicles enter I-95 in a spaced and steady manner. They are located on northbound entrance points from NW 62 Street to NW Ives Dairy Road Street and on southbound entrance points from Ives Dairy Road to NW 62 Street. Ramp signals operate based on real-time traffic conditions, and depending on the marked signs on each ramp, allow one or two vehicles to merge onto the highway per every green light.

When are these signals operational?

Traffic managers at the SunGuide Transportation Management Center (TMC) activate ramp signals during typical times of heavy highway use, such as weekday rush-hour periods. However, they may also activate the signals in the case of a traffic incident or special event that may impact regular highway operations. Advanced warning signs flash to alert motorists when these signals are turned on.