95 Express Phase 2

95 Express is Growing North!
The current seven mile stretch of 95 Express in Miami-Dade has been extended north 13 miles into Broward County. Now, 95 Express extends from south of Broward Boulevard  to the junction of I-95 and the SR836/ I-395 near downtown Miami. 21 miles total.

As with the original stretch of 95 Express, dynamic (congestion based) tolls are being used to help manage the congestion in phase 2. The tolls, collected electronically with SunPass transponders, fluctuate based upon the amount of traffic in the express lanes. 95 Express phase one and phase two now provide you with even more options when it comes to your commute. The following information has been gathered to help you plan your trip and use 95 Express. Remember, the choice is yours!
I 95 Express Extension into Broward County

What you need to know NOW:

  • I 95 Express Now Extends north in to Broward County (I-595)
  • This NEW stretch of express lanes extends from the Golden Glades Interchange in north Miami-Dade County, to the intersection of I-595 in Broward County.
  • Must be a SunPass customer or registered hybrid carpool or vanpool to use.
  • Dynamic (Variable) pricing of this new stretch of 95 Express begins June _______.  Click here for more information
  • You will see signs in advance of express lane entry and exit points letting you know the price to travel further in the lanes.  When you pass under a pricing sign, you lock in your toll rate until the LAST exit show on the sign.
  • Dynamic pricing manages the flow of traffic to help keep you moving.
  • The extension of 95 Express gives you the option to enter/exit the express lanes near the following locations:  Ives Dairy Road, Griffin Road and Sunrise Boulevard.