Registration Process & Forms

Registration for non-toll paying users of 95 Express is through South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS), the regional commuter assistance program funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Vehicles that can register to use the lanes at no charge are 3+ passenger carpools, hybrids and South Florida Vanpools.

3+ Carpool Registration – Carpools eligible for registration must have at least three commuters traveling to and from work in one vehicle. Each will be provided a 95 Express decal that will allow them to use the 95 Express lanes and take turns driving without being charged a toll. The registration process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Registrants can visit the SFCS website at or call 1-800-234-RIDE to register for the program
  • Step 2: SFCS will send out the appropriate 95 Express registration form. It requests name, home address, work address, home/work phone numbers, work schedule, driver’s license number, license plate number and state of registration.

All carpool participants must sign the carpool registration form prior to submitting it to SFCS acknowledging that the information provided is accurate. Personal information including home address and home phone number submitted to SFCS will only be used to register a carpool, then provide a decal and 95 Express information. Personal information will be kept confidential and is only accessible to SFCS and SunPass.

Participants planning to use their personal vehicles for the carpool will be required to provide their driver’s license numbers and tag information; those who are just riders in the carpool need only provide their home/work information. Carpool participants can request no more than one decal per individual, which is valid for six months. The 3+ 95 Express decal is valid for six months.

Reminders to renew their registrations with SFCS will be sent to carpool participants. If their decals are not renewed, participants will be placed in “inactive status” and SunPass will be notified to remove their license plates from the toll-exempt list. If at least three other participants continue their registrations, the carpool will still be considered active.

Hybrid Registration – What Is A Registered Hybrid Vehicle? An Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV) or a Hybrid vehicle is defined as a vehicle which is included in the eligibility list provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Hybrid owners that wish to register for 95 Express HOV toll-exempt program must have a valid State of Florida HOV decal. For more information on what vehicles qualify as a Hybrid vehicle and on how to obtain a HOV decal, please visit

Hybrid vehicle drivers who wish to use 95 Express toll-free, must complete a 95 Express registration form with the following information: name of owner and address, vehicle identification number, license plate number (update SFCS with any new license plate numbers), make and model of vehicle, and HOV decal number. Qualified registrants will receive a 95 Express decal to be placed in the front windshield of their vehicle. The 95 Express decal is in addition to the State of Florida HOV decal.

Hybrid vehicle drivers will be sent a yearly renewal of the 95 Express decal based on anniversary date of initial request. A registrant will be provided reminder notices to renew their registration with SFCS. If a registrant does not renew following the second renewal notice, SFCS will notify Sunpass and deactivate the profile of the user.

South Florida Vanpool Information – A South Florida Vanpool is a van carrying five to fifteen passengers who commute together. Registration is through the South Florida Vanpool Program managed by the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization with coordination from the Metropolitan Planning Organizations of Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

South Florida Vanpools will use 95 Express for commuting purposes only. A 95 Express decal will remain active as long as the South Florida Vanpool continues to be part of the South Florida Vanpool program.

CARPOOLS: If you wish to use 95 Express without your carpool partners, you will be required to have a SunPass transponder in your vehicle and pay the toll with it. If you currently have a SunPass transponder and are using the 95 Express lanes with your carpool partners, you must remove the transponder from the windshield and place it in the silver shield bag. If you have a SunPass Mini tag, use the tag disabler shield. It is your responsibility to properly shield the transponder when your carpool passengers are with you, or the tolls will be charged to your pre-paid SunPass account.

MOTORCYCLES: In order not to be charged the toll please place your transponder in the shield bag prior to beginning your trip on 95 Express. If you continue on to other toll roads, please remember to take your transponder out of the shield bag and use it as you normally would.

If you have any questions or would like to request a shield bag or Mini shield please contact 1-800-234-RIDE or 1-877-95X-FDOT.