Who Can Use 95 Express?

Toll-Paying Users
Drivers who choose to use the lanes, but do not qualify for toll exemption trips, must own a SunPass transponder and have it in their vehicle at the time of use.  Toll amounts are clearly displayed on the overhead signs before each entrance point and are collected electronically. A SunPass transponder may be purchased at Publix, CVS Pharmacies or Turnpike service plazas. Click here to purchase a SunPass transponder.
Toll-Exempt Users
Drivers who qualify under any of the categories below may use the lanes for free. All exempt drivers must shield their SunPass transponders to avoid being charged for using the lanes.

  1. Registered South Florida Vanpools
  2. Registered carpools of 3 or more
  3. Registered hybrid vehicles
  4. Registered Miami-Dade County buses
  5. Registered Broward County buses
  6. Registered regular transit buses
  7. Registered public School buses
  8. Registered over-the-road buses
  9. Motorcycles (do not have to register)
  10. Emergency vehicles (do not have to register)