Hybrid / 3+ Carpool

How do I register my vehicle for the Hybrid/3+ Carpool toll-free program for 95 Express?

Use the links below to complete the online form to register your carpool or hybrid:

Register your 3+ Carpool
Register your Hybrid Vehicle*

*Please note: Hybrid owners who wish to register for 95 Express must have a valid State of Florida HOV decal. State-issued HOV decals are obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles or any tag agency.

How do I know if I qualify as a 3+ carpooler?

3+ passenger carpools are defined as at least three commuters of legal driving age traveling to and from work in one vehicle. If a participant plans on using their personal vehicle in the carpool, they are required to provide their license number and tag information; if they are only a rider in the carpool, SFCS will only need their home/work information. If you receive a new license plate number, you must contact SFCS with the information to avoid being charged tolls. The new license plate number will be updated in your file and shared with SunPass. Commuters registering to participate in the 95 Express 3+ carpool program are only eligible to register a maximum of two vehicles per carpool participant.
How do I know if my hybrid qualifies to use the lanes toll-free?

For more information on which vehicles qualify as a hybrid and on how to obtain a HOV decal, please visit www.flhsmv.gov/dmv/hov.html.

Do I need anything other than my HOV decal to use the lanes as a toll-free hybrid user?

Once you register with South Florida Commuter Services (SFCS)/SunPass, you will receive a “95 Express” decal to display in the front windshield of your vehicle. You will also receive a confirmation letter notifying you of your enrollment as a toll-free user.  This letter should be kept in the glove box of your vehicle at all times. The decal and your enrollment letter are your proof of ability to use only the 95 Express Lanes in Southeast Florida for free. SunPass receives an updated list of registered vehicles, including license plate numbers, from SFCS every day.

How do I renew my registration?

Hybrid vehicle drivers are required to renew their 95 Express registration annually. 95 Express registrations will expire within 30 days of a participant’s state-issued HOV decal expiration. A registrant will be sent a 95 Express Hybrid renewal notice 30 days prior to their 95 Express Hybrid decal expiration date notifying them to renew their registration with SFCS. If a registrant does not renew their registration, the participant will be placedon “inactive status” and SunPass will be notified to remove their license plate from the eligible toll-free user list.

What do I do with my SunPass so I will not be charged?

If you currently have a SunPass transponder and are using the 95 Express lanes as a hybrid or 3+ carpool user, a shield is provided to you which you will use to block your transponder. If you have a transponder with two suction cups, you will need to remove it from the windshield and place it in an RF shield bag that will be provided by SFCS. If you have a SunPass Mini tag, you will utilize the tag disabler shield that will be provided by SFCS. Participants are responsible for properly shielding their SunPass transponder when using the 95 Express Lanes as a toll free-user or they may be responsible for any toll charges incurred.

I am a registered user; why am I being charged?

Any questions or concerns regarding toll charges for active registrations must be addressed within 60 days of the date of the toll charge. This includes toll charges related to Tesla vehicles or other electric vehicles that are unable to use standard procedures to shield their transponders. Please contact SFCS at 1-800-234-RIDE or email sfcs@1800234RIDE.comshould you receive any charges.