Who Pays & Who Doesn’t?

Who can use 95 Express without paying?

95 Express is open for use by most all drivers who chose to enter the lanes.  However, there are few vehicle-types prohibited from using the lanes and others that qualify to ride for free after only registering with South Florida Commuter Services. Please see list below.

Toll-Exempt Drivers
Drivers who qualify under any of the categories below may use the lanes for free.  Registered vehicles must place their South Florida Commuter Services-issued decal on their windshield.  All exempt drivers must shield their SunPass transponders to avoid being charged for using the lanes. 

  • Registered South Florida Vanpools
  • Registered carpools of 3 or more
  • Registered hybrid vehicles
  • Registered Miami-Dade County buses
  • Registered Broward County buses
  • Registered regular transit buses
  • Registered public School buses
  • Registered over-the-road buses
  • Motorcycles (do not have to register)
  • Emergency vehicles (do not have to register)

Toll-paying Drivers

Drivers who choose to use the lanes, but do not qualify for toll exemption trips, must own a SunPass transponder and have it in their vehicle at the time of use.  Toll amounts are clearly displayed on the overhead signs before each entrance point and are collected electronically.   A SunPass transponder may be purchased at Publix, CVS Pharmacies or Turnpike service plazas. Click here to purchase a SunPass transponder.

Which hybrid vehicles are qualified to register for toll exemption?

The list of qualified hybrid vehicles can be found at: www.flhsmv.gov/dmv/HOV.html. You may also call 1-800-234-RIDE to find out about specific hybrid vehicles.

What are the truck restrictions on 95 Express?

Trucks with two axles are allowed on the express lanes as toll-paying vehicles. Trucks with three or more axles are not allowed on 95 Express unless they are designated as emergency vehicles responding to specific incidents.

How will toll exempt vehicles be distinguished from toll-paying vehicles?

Toll exempt vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles, will have a visible decal displayed on the windshield. The decal is provided by South Florida Commuter Services upon valid registration.

How does 95 Express affect drivers from different income levels?

95 Express benefits all drivers, regardless of their income or socio-economic level. The goal of the project is to increase the people-moving capacity of the highway to promote trip reliability and safety.  The project offers drivers several options for commuting through the highway.  These options include the express lanes, bus rapid transit service and ride sharing.  The combination of these options is working to reduce the number of cars on the highway, and thus is reducing congestion levels on the local lanes. 

Recent figures reported a 200% increase in travel speeds on the local lanes which mean that drivers who do not choose to use the express lanes are still receiving a significant benefit.  Additionally, as part of the project, FDOT enhanced the incident management and traffic monitoring resources to help keep all lanes free and clear of road blocking events and maintain safety levels.