How is the Florida Department of Transportation managing safety on 95 Express?

An aggressive program has been implemented that includes cameras, traffic detectors, incident response, and other measures to reduce the effects of crashes and breakdowns on traffic flow. The presence of Road Rangers and dedicated Florida Highway Patrol units has been increased on I-95. Dedicated 95 Express staffing at the SunGuide Transportation Management Center has also been increased to monitor traffic activity and facilitate quick response to incidents.

What if my vehicle breaks down in the express lanes?

Remain in your vehicle and call *FHP (*347). Wait for assistance. If you do not have a mobile phone, remain in your vehicle until help arrives.  Roadside cameras are monitored 24-hours a day and the SunGuide Traffic Management Center can dispatch help. Road Rangers and Florida Highway Patrol presence has been increased so it is likely that they will respond even before being called by the Traffic Management Center.